Rejuicenate - Red Label Smoothie

Rejuicenate - Red Label Smoothie


There are juice cleanses and then there is REJUICENATE

If you’ve ever tried a juice cleanse, you’ll be aware that drinking your juice is often not a pleasant affair with the taste being rather unpalatable and, I will bet you’ve said to yourself “if it tastes bad, it’s got to be good for me, right?”  Wrong, when a juice cleanse consists of juice recipes designed and prepared by a Michelin-trained chef, you know the juice you drink is going to taste as good as the great it will do for your body.

Rejuicenate - Norwalk Juicer

We went along to Cashew Road to discover Rejuicenate and meet the company founder, Chef Christopher Remaley and his lovely wife Bowie.

Our first glance at the impressive kitchen and prep area where Chef Remaley works told us this was no lightweight juice cleanse company and with such a fresh ‘real fruity’ scent we know the juice would taste pretty impressive too.

Why Cleanse?

The body is bombarded everyday with toxins and, because of such large amounts, too much stress is put on our body to allow the natural detoxification mechanism work sufficiently.  When you drink juice packed with nutritional benefits you give your body a much needed helping hand in detoxing.  Within minutes, your body is supplied with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes while also eradicating the body of toxins.

Benefits of Cleansing

  • Boost your immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Strengthen bones
  • Increased energy
  • Glowing and clearer complexion
  • Clarity of thought and sharper cognitive functions
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduce risk of illness and disease

Why Choose Rejuicenate?

  • Only using local 100% organic vegetables and fruit
  • Incredible taste with recipes concocted and perfected by Michelin-Trained Chef
  • Range of Juice Cleanse programs available
  • Individualised support (via email) from Chef pre, during and post cleanse
  • In-house nutritionist to answer questions or discuss special dietary requests
  • Cold Press juicer that retains 3 to 5 times more vitamins and minerals than a conventional juicer
  • Delivered to your door the evening before your cleanse start date (or self collection option)
  • Juice bottles made from PET1, the easiest plastic to recycle

Rejuicenate - Mean Green

Why is 100% Organic the best?

During a cleansing process, the body is solely dependent on the juice for sustenance and vital nutrients are hyper-absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  It is imperative that no impurities are present in the juice during this process. Chef may be biased but, having grown up on his Grandma Rose’s Organic Farm in Pennsylvania, he understands Organic and was living it before it was ‘cool’.  This is why he works closely and supports local organic farmers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  He also uses organic salt, spices, nuts and vanilla beans in his blends.

Having never embarked on a juice cleanse for a few reasons like not understanding how the juice cleanse works, how we should feel during the cleanse as well as fear of being alone at it without the moral support and not to mention the taste, we feel now, after our time in Chef Remaley’s kitchen gathering information and tasting some juice blends, that we really can REJUICENATE OUR BODY!

Chef Christopher Remaley - Owner of Rejuicenate

About Chef Christopher Remaley, the Rejuicenate founder

During his 18 years in the kitchen, Chef Remaley has worked in Paris, London and New York City with culinary heavyweights including the three Michelin-starrred Jean-Georges Vongerichten and celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito.  He has also been personal chef to the stars such as Robert DeNiro.  It was during his time with DeNiro, making extensive travels, working long hours and taking more time to care for the DeNiro family than he did for himself, that Chef Remaley saw that his health went on a downward spiral.  He was constantly tired, could not sleep or eat well and found that his concentration was suffering.  With a friend looking out for him, he was introduced to juice cleansing and has not looked back since.  Reaping the health benefits of a juice cleanse, he and his wife now see it as their mission to introduce not just juice cleansing but Rejuicenate to as many people as possible.

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