100 Lululemon Mats unrolled!

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Prelude- Boathouse
Prelude- Boathouse

The Lululemon ambassadors were here in Singapore on Wednesday for the last leg of the Asia Yoga Conference- and I managed to ‘chope’ (‘reserve’ in Singlish) a mat for the class.  Rebecca Pacheco (she is from Boston, super hot and sexy yogi) and Claudia Whitney (originally from Texas who now resides in HK) both exudes amazing energy in their class and I had a mind blowing session at the patio of Prelude Boathouse (When I saw the venue location, I thought to myself ‘how can boathouse house 100 of us?’ , the patio can actually host 100 – 120 mats).

With the ladies from Pilates Inc.
With the ladies from Pilates Inc.
Lin, future Yogi and Pilates instructor
Lin, future Yogi and Pilates instructor

I never would have imagined that YOGAing would be such a MINDBLOWING AWESOME experience (especially in Singapore)- at the view of Esplanade & Marina Bay Sands (MBS), absorbing the energy from the bustling city, watching the sunset & the sea, listening to live DJ music- all at the same time.  How blessed can I get?

View of Esplanade
View of Esplanade (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
View Of Marina Bay Sands
View Of Marina Bay Sands (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Can you spot me? I am right in the middle in the purple cross back tank. (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
That's ME!
That’s my back looking at the camera! (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Lululemon Gieselle Mari
Lululemon Ambassador: Gieselle Mari (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Lululemon Ambassador Faith Hunter
Lululemon Ambassador: Faith Hunter (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Lululemon's Marketing Manager Jessica
Lululemon’s Marketing Manager Jessica (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Class does the Lunge
Class does the Lunge (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Photo by Jackson Zhao
Photo by Jackson Zhao
Grow taller by 2 inches with Yoga
Grow taller by 2 inches with Yoga (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Reach for the SKY
Lululemon Ambassador, Ryan Leier (front row, second from left) (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Warrior 1
Warrior 1 (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Rebecca Pacheco
Rebecca Pacheco (Photo by Jackson Zhao)
Jeff Mah adjusting us (Photo by Jackson Zhao)

I am so glad Lululemon is opening it’s first showroom in Singapore!!!  We will be expecting more yoga workshops and sharing sessions with their ambassadors- looks like I have more excuse to do YOGA and PILATES!

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