Ayam Brand Tuna : Tap Tap Tuna

AYAM BRAND GOES MOBILE BY RELEASING ITS FIRST-EVER GAMING APPLICATION : TAP TAP TUNA Local heritage brand, Ayam Brand, released their first ever gaming application, Tap Tap Tuna, in hopes to bring forth the word about the nutritional values of tuna fish to children in a fun and engaging way. Available on both the Apple […]

Supplements to Ease Mental Fatigue and Boost Immunity

WE LOOK AT SUPPLEMENTS PACKED WITH VITAMINS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE BENEFITS NATURE’S POWER-PACKED SUPER FOOD WITH ADDED DHA No matter how your child eats, his or her growing up schedule is packed with nutrient-hungry and interactive activity. In today’s fast-track environment, children from the age of 6 to the teens face some of the most […]

Maintain the Freshness of Milk

IS YOUR CHILD GETTING THE BEST OUT OF FRESH MILK? All healthy babies are born with three types of immunity – innate, passive and adaptive; Innate immunity is a natural form of immunity that offers general protection, Passive immunity refers to “borrowed” resistance from other sources that only lasts for a short time. For instance, […]

Latest Child-Friendly TCM Clinic by Eu Yan Sang

EAST POINT MALL @ SIMEI IS THE HOME TO EU YAN SANG LATEST CHILD-FRIENDLY TCM CLINIC Eu Yan Sang’s latest child-friendly TCM Clinic at Eastpoint Mall in Simei is anchored by handpicked physicians who have clinical experience treating young patients up to 12 years old.  They seek to provide the most appropriate remedy based on […]

Keep Cool and Stay Hydrated

CITY BREAKS OR BEACH FUN : HERE’S SOME TRAVEL ESSENTIALS TO KEEP MAMA AND BUBBA COOL AND HYDRATED Travelling far or taking a day trip to the beach, this March school holidays is going to be a hot and energetic one for both Mama and Bubbas.  Don’t forget to pack your travel essentials to help […]

Thoughts on Food : New F&B

FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND OUR THOUGHTS ON FOODS : WHAT’S NEW IN F&B THIS MONTH We are always more than happy to be presented with some new yummy goodies, healthy snacks, wholesome foods and refreshing drinks…here’s a round up of what we have been putting to the tried and tasted test this last month. The Heritage […]

Children’s Day at Fish & Co

COMPLIMENTARY KID’S MEAL AT FISH & CO THIS CHILDREN’S DAY Treat yourself and the kids to a healthy dish of fish this Children’s Day! Head on down to Fish & Co and, with every a la carte main course ordered, kids get to eat Kid’s Bait meal free of charge. This is sure to be […]

Review: Skinny Pizza for Bubbas!

After feeding so many of us loyally with low-carb pizzas and delicious pastas, Skinny Pizza introduced some worldly flavours last October. To Mamas and Papas’ delight, Skinny Pizza has created a menu only for Bubbas. The Breakfast Bake ($10) is comforting dish of cheesy velvety mash and baked eggs, topped with savoury chicken chipolata sausages and baked […]

Boosting your milk supply with Milk of Love

  Breastfeeding. No matter how many manuals you read…it never really turns out that way, does it? I remember wanting to cry during the first couple of weeks, every time Bubba latched on, I bit my lip, hummed a tune, and bounced on the edge of the bed, anything to distract me until the pain subsided. Not […]

Wednesday Bubba Tips: Organic Millet Breakfast

One of my close Mommy GF recently shared with me a millet recipe her bubba Sarah loves and I thought it is quick and easy to prepare in the morning breakfasts. Millet is a grain rich nutrient and is a stable carbohydrate in China, Russia, India and Africa.  Incorporate organic millet with whole grains into […]